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[movies]Guardian interview part 2 with Russ George "Chief Scientist" of Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation - Martin Lukacs
Martin Lukacs interview with Russ George on October 11, 2012
Keywords: geoengineering
Downloads: 16
[movies]Guardian interview part 2 with Russ George "Chief Scientist" of Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation - Martin Lukacs
Martin Lukacs interview with Russ George on thursday, October 10, 2012
Keywords: geoengineering
Downloads: 29
[movies]Guardian interview with John Disney, president of Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation - Martin Lukacs
Interview conducted by Martin Lukacs with John Disney on Wednesday October 10, 2012
Keywords: geoengineering
Downloads: 85
[movies]Guardian interview part 1 with Russ George "Chief Scientist" of Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation - Martin Lukacs
Martin Lukacs interview with Russ George on Thursday October 11, 2012
Keywords: geoengineering
Downloads: 57
[movies]NASA Expert Chemtrails Are Real And Rogue Geoengineers Could Blackmail The Earth
NASA scientist, chemtrails are real.
Keywords: Chemtrails; Geoengineering
Downloads: 6
[audio]Environmental Religion - The Mile High Sanity Project
A discussion of the apparently pervasive pseudoreligious thinking in the environmentalist movement.
Keywords: Environmentalism; Geoengineering
Downloads: 169
[audio]CIA helps funds Geo-engineering study - Hector Cubillos
Geo-engineering, or chemtrails as they are better known, aren't a new phenomenon.  It is a controversial fact, but the US government has covertly implemented geoengineering operations on its unsuspecting citizens. After decades of denial by the corporate media and by the government the issue of artificial weather modification has become more pertinent than ever.  Because of the partial public awareness the corporate media attempts to distort the story by presupposing it has never, ever been im...
Keywords: weather modification; geoengineering; chemtrails
Downloads: 51
[movies]The Coffee House - 21st Century Life - Mark Cohen
Dr. Michael McCracken, chief scientist at the Climate Institute, discusses the science-fiction sounding geo-engineering, high-tech proposals to reverse the impacts of climate change.
Keywords: climate; warming; geo-engineering
Downloads: 172
[audio]East Meets West 142 - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
Tom and Roger talk the car company bailout and geoengineering to combat climate change.
Keywords: podcast; bailout; economy; geoengineering; climate
Downloads: 2,689
[audio]CSR: Geo-Engineering: Defensive and Offensive - Dr. J.
(Changesurfer Radio 2008-03-30) Jamais Cascio and Dr. J. talk about the concept of geo-engineering as a possible solution to climate change, but also as a possibly offensive weapon in geostrategy. Who would stand to benefit from unstopped warming, and who would benefit from warming slowed by man-caused volcanic eruptions or other kinds of human intervention? Also Tom Smithâs song Dead Again, from the Podsafe Music Network.
Keywords: climate change; geoengineering; security; military
Downloads: 382
[audio]Reality Bytes David Lim 13/02/14 - Neil Foster CPG
Reality Bytes with guest David Lim. Discussing the recent floods in Somerset and the connection to government policy and geoengineering
Keywords: geoengineering; David Lim; Floods; Somerset
Downloads: 2,156
[audio]CSRNewsoftheFuture-20090411 - Dr. J.
David Brooks on neurophilosophy. The mainstreaming of legal (albeit medical) marijuana in California. Jamais's Five Laws of Robotics. The sudden discussion of geoengineering at highest levels of science policy-making. Younger Americans and Democrats almost evenly divided on desirability of "socialism" vs. "capitalism."
Keywords: marijuana; socialism; capitalism; climate; geoengineering; robots
Downloads: 876
[audio]Human Past, Present and Future Cast in Doubt - Dr. J.
Could everyone but Africans be the result of miscegenation with Neanderthals? Will we be able to develop global rules for geoengineering in time? And good news for brains but bad news for global, gender and racial health equity.
Keywords: paleolithic; neanderthals; genetic; climate; geoengineering; brain; health
Downloads: 402
[audio]CSR-Transition to a Resilient Civilization - Dr. J.
Shaun Chamberlin is the founder of the Dark Optimism site (darkoptimism.org) and author of The Transition Timeline For a Local, Resilient Future.
Keywords: climate change; peak oil; resilience; energy; geoengineering
Downloads: 836
[audio]Geoengineering Threatens Life On Earth - Joe McGarity
August 24, 2013 FantomPenguin.com Article
Keywords: geoengineering; chemtrails; weather modification; Dane Wigington
Downloads: 507
[audio]ST 10 3 13 Full Show - Sojourner Truth
Wednesday:  Jill Stein of the Green Party comments on the government shutdown.Bilal Ali of LA Community Action Network on the campaign for a Homeless Bill of Rights.For our weekly “Earth Watch” Jim Thomas who is Program Director with the ETC group, a global organization addressing the socioeconomic and ecological impact around new technologies. And we continue our series on the recently concluded 68th UN General Assembly meetings with an excerpt of the speech of Brazil’s first woman Presi...
Keywords: Jill Stein; Government shutdown; Homeless; Los Angeles; Dilma Rousseff; Spying; United Nations; Geoengineering; Geo-engineering
Downloads: 2
[audio]media monarchy mixtape004 - media monarchy
mixtape004: download/subscribe\archive "before issuing watches & warnings, you must calculate the distance the storm will travel" on media monarchy's mixtape004: the imperfect storm ... featuring weather modification music from air, tortoise, boards of canada, spiritualized, simian, pink floyd, the orb & more ... it's geo-engineering for your ears, all mixed for your pleasure in the eye of the storm; because it can't be news & politics all the time .....
Keywords: media monarchy; mixtape; mp3; music; podcast; weather wars; geoengineering
Downloads: 259
[audio]East Meets West 146 - Roger Chang and Tom Merritt
Tom and Roger talk with Dan Whaley, Founder and CEO of Climos about geoengineering and Ocean Iron Fertilization. They also talk about the new Doctor Who and the Israel-Gaza war.
Keywords: climate; ocean iron fertilization; geoengineering; israel; doctor who
Downloads: 2,997
[movies]The Coffee House - December 2006 - Mark Cohen
Dr. Michael McCracken, chief scientist at the Climate Institute, on science-fiction like, "geo-engineering" fixes for climate change; Ralston Deffenbaugh of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services on American immigration policies and practices; author Susan Shreve discusses her twelfth novel,"A Student of Living Things"; poetry by Brandon Johnson ("periphery"), Sami Miranda ("Victoria, Texas") and Adriane Harjo ("It's Not Pretty, Maria"); and the one-man blues band, Curtis Blues.
Keywords: climate; geo-engineering; immigration; refugees; novel; fiction; poetry; blues
Downloads: 93
[audio]Reality Bytes With Guest Chris Spivey
Neil Foster is joined by guest David Lim discussing their recent trip to the Somerset Levels floods and the policy of the government to clearly and deliberately flood the area as part of policy and the geo-engineering aspect
Keywords: David Lim; geoengineering; chemtrails; somerset floods; Somerset levels
Downloads: 2,044
[movies]Pilot says.." Chemtrails are a necessary EVIL..?" WTF!
In this video you are about to see a passenger on an airline is granted permission by the cabin crew to speak to the Pilot. The pilot is happy to talk to the passenger. The passenger is filming all of this. The pilot asks him how he can help. The passenger then asks the pilot if he 'knows what a chemtrail is?' The pilot says that he does know what a chemtrail is. He is then asked by the passenger if it is true...
Keywords: chemtrails; geoengineering; jamnoise72; pilot knows about chemtrails
Downloads: 125
[audio]diffusion2014-05-05 - Diffusion Science Radio
Geo-engineering Art An introduction to popular geoengineering methods by Ian Woolf, Josh Wodak speaks with Ian Woolf about Climate change, geo-engineering and art. Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf
Keywords: science; Diffusion; geoengineering; climate change; global warming; art; dorkbot
Downloads: 664
[audio]Sacred Insanity - HumanizingThisPlace
If the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results then perhaps it's way past time to question 'sacred traditions'.
Keywords: Sacred; tradition; history; red; blue; light; dark; hollywood; geoengineering
Downloads: 425
[audio]Engineering the future: cautionary tale or utopia? (31st October 2010) - Institute of Ideas
Battle of Ideas 2010 Keynote Controversy, Royal College of Art, London Speakers: Ed Daniels, executive vice president within Shell's Projects and Technology organisation; fellow, Institution of Chemical Engineers Thomas Deichmann, editor, NovoArgumente; author, Die Steinzeit steckt uns in den Knochen: gesundheit als erbe der evolution Dr Bill Durodié, senior fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; associate fellow, international securi...
Keywords: battle of ideas; 2010; engineering; geoengineering; politics; society
Downloads: 32
[movies]The Chemtrails Questionaire
Anyone who’s been around the internet block looking for info on chemtrails has been subjected to endless strings of disinformation and bullshit the likes of which could numb even the sharpest of minds. This stand alone version of the film originally included with the Everything Clips packs a whale of punch in a short 30 minute period that even the busiest of people can make room for. Simple questions, reliable numbers & common sense are all it takes to let the light shine...
Keywords: jews, satanism, illuminati, trilateral commission, dregs, bilderburgs, new world order, khazars, club of rome, rothschilds, chemtrails, geoengineering, communist, zionist, anti-semite, war, greed; chemtrails; geoengineering
Downloads: 181
[movies]Climate IV: What to Do? Geoengineering! - TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin
Is geoengineering the answer to the world's climate change woes? Guests: John Stone is adjunct research professor at Carleton University. Alan Robock is distinguished professor of Climatology, director of the Meteorology Undergraduate Program, and associate director of the Center for Environmental Prediction Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University. David Keith is director of ISEEE Energy and Environmental Systems Group, the Canada research chair in Energy and the Environment a...
Keywords: tvo; the agenda; steve paikin; climate; geoengineering; john stone; alan robock; david keith; march; 2010
Downloads: 7
[audio]Green Seas, Good Food, Bad Numbers - Alex Smith
Serial climate hacker Russ George's office raided by Canadian government. Nick Saul takes food banks to a whole new level - feeding citizens during tough times. UC Berkeley political scientist Dr. Martha Campbell - how economists & women's advocates helped enable the next population explosion.  Radio Ecoshock 130410 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; food; charity; population; ocean; ocean dumping; geoengineering; radio; radio ecoshock
Downloads: 153
[audio]GEOENGINEERING SPECIAL Bye Bye Blue Skies - Alex Smith
Worried scientists look at "Plan B" - human control of the climate. Big fossil fuel companies and deniers suddenly jump on board. Like Bjorn Lomborg. Just keep on polluting! Real scientist Alan Robock talks risks. Diana Bronson from the ETCgroup with the big ugly picture. Mr. Burns. Music by Neko Chase & Shane Philip Radio Ecoshock 090925 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; show; 2009; environment; ecology; green; climate; climate change; global warming; denial; science; geoengineering
Downloads: 160
[audio]The Corbett Report - Episode 138 - Geoengineering and You - http://www.corbettreport.com
As the band of eugenicists attain riches and power, they are moving their geoengineering agenda further into the open. From space mirrors and iron dumping to cloud creation and persistent contrails, billions are being spent on altering our planet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we find out what is happening in our skies.
Keywords: geoengineering; climate; change; global; warming; spray; aerosol; chemtrails; contrails; holdren; gates; eugenics
Downloads: 36
Scientists call for geoengineering to save the Earth's climate. Then 3 pieces on biofuels. Dr. Ted Padzek of Berkeley; Dr. David Pimentel of Cornell (courtesy of Unwelcome Guests); National Film Board of Canada podcast CitizenShift on global south impacts. Radio Ecoshock 090109 1 hour CD Quality 56 MB or Lo-Fi 14 MB. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; show; 2009; environment; ecology; green; climate; climate change; global warming; geoengineering; biofuel; solutions
Downloads: 128
[audio]Robock on Geoengineering - Alex Smith
Respected scientist and blogger on realclimate.org - Alan Robock joins us to discuss the severe risks of geoengineering - playing with the planet's atmosphere to cool down the fossil fuel economy. An expert's expert has big doubts about such plans.
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; green; climate09; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; geoengineering; risks
Downloads: 122
[audio]Geoengineering Considered
Early interview on geoengineering by CBC radio "The Current" in 2006. Scientists were beginning suggestions to modify the atmosphere, in case runaway climate change appeared. Can more pollution be the solution?
Keywords: radio; environment; green; climatert; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; geoengineering; atmosphere; pollution; solutions
Downloads: 407
[audio]Algae Seeding & Global Warming - Alex Smith
Can seeding algae with iron help cool the planet? A company named Planktos tried to sell this as a commercial venture, with no approval, and much disapproval. Here Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock interviews scientist David Santillo from Greenpeace UK about the possible impacts on the ocean and atmosphere of such geoengineering. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; green; oceans; ecology; environmentalism; geoengineering; algae; business; carbon; offsets; science
Downloads: 680
[audio]Will Humans Go Extinct Soon? - Alex Smith
Investigating claims of near-term extinction for humans. Clips from Guy McPherson, John D. Cox, Dr. David Archer. Interview w. John Michael Greer.  Analysis of predictions by Malcolm Light of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG). Radio Ecoshock 130605 1 hour. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; Arctic; ice; methane; emergency; geoengineering; solutions; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 462
[audio]Planktos Scam or Savior? - Alex Smith
Vancouver Sun business columnist David Baines on the shady money behind "Planktos" - the company that proposed selling carbon offsets - by seeding the sea with iron, to grow more algae. The scheme fell apart under public scrutiny, including a Radio Ecoshock special. 2007 Part of geo-engineering as a solution to climate change / global warming. Visit Radio nEcoshock
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; green; oceans; ecology; environmentalism; geoengineering; algae; business; carbon; offsets; funding
Downloads: 656
[movies]Ghost planes - Chemtrails planes fly with transponder off - tanker enemy
FedEx Aircraft on dangerous collision heading with what appears to be two (2) tankers. Vertical separation under 2,000 feet. "... FedEx 5034 with request" "... FedEx 5034 is requesting flight level '340' (34,000 feet)" Second tanker on collision heading... FedEx 5034 descends to 34,000 feet only to discover a third tanker at that altitude. Conclusion: tankers were operating at civilian altitude with transponder off...
Keywords: ghost planes; chemtrails; scie chimiche; geoingegneria; geoengineering; transponder off; usaf; nato; onu; oni; tankerenemy
Downloads: 430
[audio]Diana Bronson Geoengineering & Climate Genes - Alex Smith
Diana Bronson of ETCgroup covers the industrial fringe: geoengineering, synthetic biology, and climate genes. Giant multinationals are patenting gene sequences needed for crops to survive climate change. Others plan to make new species, or to claim parts of continents, as "biomass" for energy. A small group of scientists, countries and billionaires plot to block out the sun, to stop global warming...
Keywords: environment; Radio Ecoshock; interview; geoengineering; genetics; climate; climate change; global warming; food; crops; biomass; energy; interview
Downloads: 341
[audio]Dont' Geoengineer the Ocean!
Pat Mooney, from the ETC Group, explains why trying to seed algae in the ocean with iron is such a bad idea. We have no idea if it will really collect more carbon for the atmosphere, or how long it would stay in the ocean. Reacting to a geonengineering scheme for money, by now defunt "Planktos" company, with Russ George. Radio Ecoshock interview 2007. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; green; environmentalism; ecology; oceans; climate; global warming; geoengineering; algae; carbon; offsets; business
Downloads: 19,311
[audio]Freindship radio broadcast 2: - Paul T :) visit: http://www.get.2truth.com/
This time more information for you (sorry about the quality of the sound) plus music from Uni and her Ukilele (a woman singer who plays Ukilele from the USA)
Keywords: chemtrails secret germ warfare tests human rights abuse abuses Doctor Dr. Edward Teller Geoengineering geo-engineering con-trails contrails Porton Down MoD Ministry of Defence birth defects UK England North East chemical sulphite sulphate allies weapon
Downloads: 30
[audio]Food World Order: Episode028 - Fake Rain - Media Monarchy
On Thursday nights, Media Monarchy joins Corbett Report Radio live on Republic Broadcasting to go over all the latest stories from the world of food, environment and health. This week's menu offers up Decriminalization, Brain Pain and Fake Rain + Health scares, Headlines, the 'Binge and Purge' and more... Episode028: MP3/Feed\Archive Previous Audio: Episode027 - No Smoking
Keywords: FoodWorldOrder; alternative news, corbett report, food world order, health, media monarchy, mp3, pharma, podcast, republic broadcasting, geoengineering, olympics
Downloads: 90
[audio]The Challenge of Climate Change - Prof Sir Brian Hoskins of Imperial College London
The Challenge of Climate Change, on 14 April, opened the Spring 2011 programme. Prof Sir Brian Hoskins of Imperial College London, asked if there is a scientific basis for concern over human induced climate change, and explored the relative merits of adaptation, geo-engineering and mitigation responses.
Keywords: global warming; geo-engineering; climate change; prof sir brian hoskins; imperial college london; bangladesh; rising sea level
Downloads: 34
[movies]Geoingegneria clandestina: i costi in termini economici per il contribuente - tanker enemy
In tutta Italia così come in tutti paesi che hanno firmato il trattato "cieli liberi", sono in corso attività clandestinedi geoingegneria. Come indicato dal fisico nucleare Edward Teller, vengono disperse, in bassa ed alta atmosfera, per mezzo di velivoli militari e civili, milioni di tonnellate di nanoparticolato di metalli pesanti, esafluoruro di zolfo, etilene dibromide, polimeri, batteri, nematodi etc...
Keywords: geoingegneria militari aeronautica scie chimiche chemtrails geoengineering KC-10 refuelling manovra economica giulio tremonti politica signoraggio berlusconi finanziaria
Downloads: 26
[audio]ES 121024 Show - Alex Smith
Serial climate hacker Russ George (Planktos) leads indigenous villagers to dump iron into the sea - a secret geoengineering project off Canada's West Coast. Press conference statements by the Haida Old Massett Village Chief, interview w. Living Oceans' Karen Wristen, Russ George clips from interview by Guardian's Martin Lukacs. Radio Ecoshock 121024 1 hour.  Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; ocean; seeding; geoengineering; Planktos; Russ George; plankton; carbon; carbon dioxide; climate; climate change; global warming; radio; Radio Ecoshock; show
Downloads: 186
[audio]2010-12-09=Train CHUO 89.1FM radio=SylvainHenry-MichaelMurphy-LordChristopherMonckton=geoengineering - Denis Rancourt
On December 9, 2010, CHUO 89.1 FM Train host Denis Rancourt interviewed Syvain Henry, Michael Murphy and Lord Christopher Monckton on geoengineering (chemtrails) and climate change.
Keywords: Denis Rancourt; Train; CHUO; chemtrails; geoengineering; climate change; global warming; Christopher Monckton; Lord Monckton; Michael Murphy; Sylvain Henry
Downloads: 423
[audio]Covert Geoengineering - Jim Thomas of ETC Group - Alex Smith
An illegal geonengineering experiment was conducted off Canada's West Coast in summer of 2012, by serial offender Russ George.  We documented his previous for-profit ocean dumping company called "Planktos" with it's unfulfilled claims & questionable financials.  George is back, this time as partner with the Haida tribe off British Columbia, & with the apparent blessing of the Canadian government and the U.S...
Keywords: environment; ocean; dumping; geoengineering; radio; Radio Ecoshock; Planktos; Russ George; algae; carbon; offsets; salmon; fisheries; Pacific; Canada
Downloads: 42
[audio]Geo-engineering Risks - Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock interview with Dana Bronson of the ETC Group, independent enviro think-tank. Outlines severe risks to geo-engineering, seldom talked about by proponents, including ocean acidification, and more.
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; green; climate09; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; geoengineering; risks; technology; fix
Downloads: 140
[audio]Ocean Acidification Feely - Alex Smith
Ocean Acidification interview with Dr. Richard A. Feely of NOAA. Acid seas kill ocean life & geo-engineering makes it worse. 5 MB 19 min Radio Ecoshock interview with top scientist on underestimated risk from global warming, climate change.
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; green; features; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; ocean; acidification; ocean acidification; geoengineering; risk
Downloads: 362
[audio]Stewart Brand - Ecopragmatism - Alex Smith
Famous founder of "Whole Earth Catalog" Stewart Brand now says nuclear power, genetic engineering, and geo-engineering are needed to save the planet from rampant climate change. Is it Green at all? You decide. Conversation recorded by Alex Smith at Gaining Ground, October 5, 2010. 24 minutes. Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: radio; radio ecoshock; environment; environmentalism; green; climate; climate change; global warming; technology; fix; geoengineering; nuclear power; genetics; solutions
Downloads: 35
[movies]Geoengineering Vs Nature - Mike Storm
Nature will fight back!
Keywords: geoengineering; nature; mike storm; ormyst; fight back; birds against plane; emp from the sun; airplane crash; amon tobin ruthless
Downloads: 117
[audio]Who will control the world's climate? - Alex Smith
Australian author Clive Hamilton on geoengineering & his new book "Earthmasters". Plots by big oil, Bill Gates & nuke scientists. Shocking new science shows Arctic could melt at current carbon levels, courtesy frontierscienits.com Plus world-wide growth of bike sharing with Janet Larsen.  Radio Ecoshock 130522 Visit Radio Ecoshock
Keywords: environment; global warming; climate; climate change; geoengineering; solutions; Arctic; science; Greenland; Russia; Siberia; transportation; alternatives; bicycles; biking; sharing
Downloads: 229
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